Friday, July 14, 2006

garden moments - second week of July

The daisies (white flowers on the left) are in bloom now. And barely visible against the dark fence, the first wine dahlia is about to pop open.

(The blue line going across the photo is the clothesline. Also, clicking on the picture enlarges it - fortunately not enough to see all the weeds I missed pulling today)

On the right is the pink rose bush we got from friends to plant in memory of Ernie's Mom. It is a floribunda, smallish flowers of the most delicate pink. (I'm thinking the tiny pink buds, dried, would add a lovely touch to old-fashioned everlasting arrangements or potpourri.)

More gardens!

In growing - Islandsparrow shares her lovely garden.

In Flowers - Jeanine shows off hubby Vince's green thumb. (Hat tip: Islandsparrow)

In My Yukon Garden July 10th - Rebecca's garden is taking off!


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