Wednesday, July 05, 2006

oblivious garden - first week of July

Oh my - death is a lot of work! I’ve been living by lists in the last few days. Yesterday was certainly the climax as all the various dates and times were finally set, which put in motion the need for more and more phone calls and emails. But I think now most of the planning for memorial services in both locations has been done.

Meanwhile my garden, oblivious to all the kafuffle, grows serenely on. These are the days of lilies - daylilies – and my one yellow lily. Like life, they fade too quickly. This yellow bloom is in a tangle of astilbe, one of my favorite shade plants.

But my hydrangea has come back to life. Last year hubby gave it such an ambitious pruning it didn’t yield even one flower. I am relieved to see that it has come back all prolific (after I didn’t let him come near it with the shears this spring).


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