Sunday, July 16, 2006

a week ago today

A week ago today, after the sad formalities of the weekend had been attended to, we partied on the farm – where it all began.

(Out of a possible 58 people in our immediate family, 49 gathered in Saskatchewan for at least part of the weekend.)

Cousins got reacquainted.


and Grandpas

kibitized with grandkids.


and Mommies shared the babies.

Some kids drove big machines

while others went along for the ride.

There was eating

and celebrating

And of course there was our family’s traditional schmalzing tournament.

Schmalzing is running beside a metal tire rim with a stick to help guide it over a course. It’s a ‘sport’ my younger siblings made up after I left home - so I never learned how to do it.

We partied until dark!


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