Monday, December 01, 2008

welcome to promptings' Advent Calendar

It's December!

December 1st is the day of the year we (the kids and I) used to unwrap the Advent Calendar, pin it up and look forward to twenty five days’ worth of surprises.

My kids are gone now and for several years I’ve been missing that Advent Calendar tradition. In 2006 I posted an Advent Calendar here at the blog. This year I've decided to put it up again.

Every day till Christmas, you’re welcome to drop in, read an interesting fact about Christmas (taken from the Encyclopedia of Christmas by Tanya Gulevich) and then open a promptings’ Advent Calendar surprise. Shall we begin? (But there won't be chocolate - sorry!)

December 1 - Christmas Fact:

In the middle of the fourth century Christian authorities selected December 25th as the day on which to celebrate the Nativity of Jesus Christ. Scholars believe that they did so largely in order to divert people away from competing pagan celebrations held on or around that date.
(Encyclopedia of Christmas - p. 52)


Brenda Colleen Leyland said...

Hi Violet,

What a wonderful blog idea.... I love it! I was thinking about something along a similar line for my own site, but I'll come by and enjoy yours this year....


violet said...

Thank you, Brenda! And blessings to you too. :)

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