Saturday, May 12, 2007

do miracles still happen?

Suppose you’re a mom. You have a beautiful two-year-old girl and give birth to a healthy son. Sounds like perfection, doesn’t it? But then at three months old, your baby boy begins having seizures. This is the story of Char, my section leader in our choir.

Baby Karter is now ten months old. He and his family have been around the block more than once at Children’s Hospital. It was determined a few months ago that the medication isn't working; he needs surgery. As I understand it, the surgeon will remove a tiny part of his brain where the activity is focused. This is hugely risky and could have implications for the rest of his life. Not doing the surgery is also risky. From the time his seizures began, his mom noticed a change in his tone and ability to do things like roll over and meet other milestones.

His surgery, first scheduled for March, had to be postponed because he got sick. Now he is healthy and surgery has been rescheduled for next Friday (May 18th). But his mom and dad and a host of people at our church and around the world are praying and trusting that God will intervene and heal him. They are praying that the pre-surgery MRI that is scheduled for next Thursday will show that he is all better, and that surgery isn't necessary.

I was thinking about Karter evening as I was reading some of the blogs I subscribe to. When I came to this post by Lori that tells what happened to her son - I just about shouted Hallelujah! Miracles do happen!

Read about Karter and the Witt Family’s journey on their blog. And if you feel so moved, please join in praying for another miracle.


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