Saturday, May 26, 2007

is your face in the book?

After a kid was murdered by a fellow teen in a stabbing here last weekend, Facebook made the news when threats against the murderer appeared on the Facebook page of one of the murdered kid's friends.

In an article "Frowning on Facebook: Is the internet really to blame?" Peter Jon Mitchell, Research Analyst, Institute of Marriage and Family Canada, explains social networking sites, which include Facebook and MySpace. Though he calls them "Kids networking sites..." that's hardly the extent of it. Many adults and big name personalities are on Facebook too - president Bush in the U.S., and in Canada, Stephen Harper, our P.M.

In the article, Mitchell encourages parents to explore these places with their kids. I actually did one better and joined myself. It's one of the few places on earth you're allowed to write on walls! And so far, it is helping me keep in touch with the younger members of my family. It might do that for you too -- that is if they want to be your 'friend.'


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