Saturday, May 19, 2007

the week that was

This week has certainly seen me distracted blog-wise. First there was that learning curve I talked about earlier. Add to that our continuing saga of paring down possessions in preparation for selling the house -- and you have one multi-tasking mama.

This was the week of repairing window ledges. That meant scraping off old caulk and loose paint, then filling the holes with plastic wood (can you say ‘fumes’ -- enough for a decent high I’m sure, if that's you're poison), letting it dry and sanding smooth. Yesterday I painted.

Yesterday we also emptied the attic storage. Going through the boxes of toys, stuffed animals and dolls was like opening a time capsule. Remember the Fisher Price playhouse and garage (those were old when we bought them second hand in the late 80s), Cabbage Patch dolls and that garrulous creature, almost as big (and heavy) as a toddler named Cricket, in whose back you installed a cassette tape so she would talk to you -- non-stop.

We also found garden chemicals from when we moved here in ’83, the fat brown wooden curtain rods with rings that were in the house when we moved in (I think they're coming back into style), our cross-country skis (a neighbor took them off my hands -- yaaay!) and four boxes of wedding presents we’ve never got around to using.

Meanwhile, spring continued her sprint through the countryside. This week Dame's Rocket, Oriental Poppy and Laburnum -- with its gorgeous chains of poisonous yellow blossoms -- were in bloom.

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