Tuesday, May 01, 2007

wildflowers again!

Today is May Day, a day on which you should wash your face with morning dew to keep yourself looking young and beautiful. You should also gather wildflowers and green branches, make some floral garlands, and set up a Maypole to dance around.
- The Writer's Almanac for May 1st
Here are some wildflowers I have gathered lately with my camera.

A trillium. I spotted a few of them several weeks ago. This is a Large-flowered White Trillium - part of the lily family.

Then came the Wild Bleeding Hearts (poppy family).

And from one of our walks last week, a Swamp Lousewort (I think). Sounds dreadful doesn’t it. I guess people figure they can get away with giving proper names like that to flowers with the surname of snapdragon.


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