Thursday, January 03, 2008

web camboree

There's nothing like a web cam for snooping on weather almost anywhere. We usually check the web cams of these mountain passes before we make a trip to the interior.

Coquihalla Snowshed cam (elevation 980 meters)
Coquihalla Summit cam (elevation 1220 meters)
Brenda Mine cam - on the Okanagan Connector (elevation 1230 metres)

Of course, web cams are good for a lot more than checking on road conditions and weather. Cams set up at local spots of congestion - like ferries, bridges and border crossings help gauge the lineups so you can plan your trip.

This B.C. government page has links to web cams stationed on highways all around the province.

This Greater Vancouver Regional District (GVRD) page has links to the dozens of web cams around the lower mainland.

Today the weather where I live is cloudy and mild (9C). The proof is in the web cam shot I just snatched from the screen of the Langley Redwood Golf Course cam (the closest web cam to where I live). Click on the link during daylight hours for our current weather whenever you happen to be reading this.

Should you want to keep an eye on traffic in Croatia, watch Niagra Falls or check on the weather in Capetown, this earth cam page (five pages of links) will give you your fill of cams from all over the world.

They also have a list of the 25 most interesting web cams of 2007.

Now surf on over to Rebecca Writes, especially on any Tuesday and Friday in January to read about the weather in the rest of blogland. Rebecca is hosting a weather theme all month. Join in by posting something about the weather where you live, then go here to find out how to be part of Weather Reporting in blogland.


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