Wednesday, May 21, 2008

romantic wisteria

Every year around this time wisteria transforms ordinary looking woody vines into romantic bowers. Here are a few facts about this most beautiful of flowering vines.

~ Wisteria is a member of the pea family.

~ It likes well-drained acid soil and lots of sun.

~ It is known for its hardiness, vigor, longevity, and the ability to climb high. But it needs support.

~ It can be grown in a barrel or other large container.

~ Wisteria grown from seed may take 10 - 15 years to bloom. Choose grafted plants or those grown from root cuttings.

~ Wisteria blooms in colors from white to purple, and also pink.

~ It has a beautiful fragrance.

~ Regular pruning helps it bloom more extravagantly.

~ It can live for 50 years or more and grow up to 38 cm. in diameter.

I don't own a wisteria. Every spring when I see them bloom, I wish I did.


Julana said...

I once smelled Wisteria at an old monastery in Carmel, CA. Heaven.

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