Saturday, May 03, 2008

sound of silence

Update Sunday night:

I found a new player - Finetune. Player is in the right sidebar, top right under "jukebox" (looks just like the picture on the right). Click on the arrow to start the music. If you want it to stop and the controls have disappeared, simply mouse-hover over the music box and they'll appear again.


Do you hear it? Silence. No more music. When I checked the Sonific website this morning, after noticing my player hasn't been working in the last few days, I discovered that it is no more, due to music licensing issues. I'm sad. Explanation is here.


Julana said...

Well, you might try Pandora. i've had some enjoyment from it.

violet said...

Thanks for the tip, Julana. But Pandora doesn't like me because I'm from Canada. I have a lead on something else, though and will see if that works out.

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