Thursday, July 03, 2008

canada honors abortionist

Canada is abuzz with the newest appointment to the Order of Canada. Henry Morgantaler (champion of abortion rights for women) has been selected to receive that honor. Along with thousands of others, I'm outraged -- but not that surprised. After all, abortion has been legal in Canada since 1969. And politicians of every stripe refuse to revisit the issue knowing that this is one issue which still has enough traction to jettison their political futures.

The Canadian Centre for Bio-Ethical Reform (CCBR) is attempting to change the public perception of abortion. In a June 30th open letter to Fellow Pro-life Laborers, Stephanie Gray, Executive Director of CCBR says:

To give Henry Morgentaler the Order of Canada is simply to be consistent with what's going on in this country....

We can look at Morgentaler's award and blame the selecting committee. We can blame the government and its politicians. We can blame others -- because that's easy. But what's difficult is to blame ourselves....

Know this: abortion advocates have made "choice" look good and as a result that makes pro-lifers look bad. We as pro-lifers ultimately make ourselves look good by exposing the deception of the pro-choce claims. Rather than directly changing what people think of us, we need to change what they think of abortion. The effect of that shift will be a change in their perception of pro-life organizations.

Think of it this way: did social movements in history (such as those led by William Wilberforce, Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King Jr.) focus on changing how the public perceived their organizations or on how the public perceived the injustices? It was the latter. And when that transformation occurred, people naturally gravitated towards these people and their movements.

CCBR is exposing abortion in a multi-pronged way.

1. With their web site. Study the site and you will begin to understand the horror and immensity of this state-funded 'medical procedure' - even first trimester abortion.

See photographs of what a first trimester fetus looks like. Why as early as seven weeks tiny fingers and toes are discernible.

Watch a video of an actual abortion being performed. (Disturbing images!)

Find out how to get active. (Note: CCBR condemns all abortion-related violence against property or against persons).

Learn how to defend the pro-life view.

Be encouraged by the success CCBR is having - evidenced by the testimonials of dozens of real Canadians (many of them women) who have changed their minds about abortion.

2. CBBR runs public awareness programs like the Genocide Awareness Project (GAP) and the Reproductive Choice Campaign (RCC)

Could Dr. Morgantaler's appointment be a blessing in disguise? For once again Canadians are having conversations about abortion. As people who are pro-life, we have a powerful message of which we do not need to be shy. CCBR helps us communicate that message.

As Stephanie Gray says at the end of her open letter, "Abortion may be legal, but you and I have the power to make it unthinkable."

(Thanks to Joyce for forwarding the CCBR open letter to me.)


Lisa said...

That certainly is graphic video, but it is also reality. The sooner our societies start facing reality, the sooner we can end the genocide. Thanks for the info.

violet said...

You're so right, Lisa!

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