Tuesday, November 11, 2008

canada remembers - two wars

Langley Cenotaph, 2007

Nothing brings Remembrance Day to life for me like watching war documentaries. The youthful faces, with war songs playing in the background, then the comments of those same people, now old, telling about that time... it's enough to bring a tear.

The National Film Board has some wonderful resources online - numerous black and white film clips on the World War I page (like this 11-minute montage With General Ironside's Forces in North Russia 1 from 1918-1919), and three almost hour-long movies on its World War II page:

Or check out this short clip called Rosies of the North about the home front effort of women as they went to work making planes in factories.

Thank you to all veterans old and young, for your sacrifice for Canada - for us!


Julana said...

I used to order free movies from the NFB when I was up in the Ontario bush at a mission. The old reels. Brings back memories. That's amazing that they now offer online viewing.

violet said...

Wonderful, Julana! Aren't these well done?! What I've watched has added a whole level of meaning to Remembrance Day!

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