Sunday, November 09, 2008

canada remembers - vigil

Langley Cenotaph - 2007

Tuesday is Remembrance Day in Canada. This year Remembrance day is just days before the 90th anniversary of the end of WW I. The last veterans of that war have died, but the National Vigil project is designed to keep their memory alive. The project began on November 4th and ends at sunrise November 11th.

Here is how it's described on the Vigil website:

At sunset November 4th through to sunrise November 11th, this site will present a vigil commemorating the 68,000 Canadians who lost their lives in WWI. The names of the 68,000 war dead will be projected over a week of nights onto the National War Memorial in Ottawa, buildings in other regions of Canada and onto the side of Canada House in Trafalgar Square in London, England.

On this page you will see the Ottawa National Vigil streamed live from the National War Memorial. It will run for seven nights, starting at 5:00pm each evening. The first name appears at 5:15pm. Each night’s vigil will be 13 hours long, ending at sunrise the following day. The vigil will then recommence at 5:00pm and run another 13 hours. The last name will appear as dawn breaks on November 11th.

The Ottawa National Vigil site is here.

What a great idea to keep the names of these people alive! How thankful I am for these men and women, who gave their lives to preserve our country and its freedoms.


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