Saturday, December 20, 2008

a white christmas - not only in our dreams

It's been a while since I've written anything personal on here. Of course life has continued apace. A week ago we were in the middle of our Christmas production. It all worked out beautifully with the weather cooperating, big crowds and no major snowstorm till the concerts were done.

Monday and Tuesday found me at the mall in a rush to get the last of the Christmas shopping done. I finished Tuesday noonish (although there are always odds and ends to pick up till Christmas Eve, it seems). Whew - because the forecasters predicted a large snowfall for Wednesday.

The ducks that live on one of Rotary Park's ponds
- looking a little puzzled and cold.

It came - Wednesday and the snow. But I was cozy in my office, working on bits of writing that needed tidying away so I can take a Christmas break. I have since whittled all those down to one last article, which I'm hoping to send to my editor today or Monday.

My list for today includes paper shuffling, as I enter our profligate holiday spending into Quicken, work on my FellowScript article, and maybe I'll make some more homemade treats like the "Cracker Toffee" Elaine Yong whipped together on the TV news last night. The recipe is here.

(Psst - curling is on too!)

And then it's Sunday (another snowstorm in the forecast) and Monday, when the kids arrive (please let the snow stop by then!)!

One thing is sure. We're in for a white Christmas this year - and that's not only in our dreams.


Janice and Gerald said...

Fantastic shot of the ducks Violet. You're right; they look very confused ... and so are we :o)

violet said...

Thanks, Janice. The ducks are easy to photo - they must get fed regularly by someone - not us - for they are very tame and waddled out to meet us.

And how are you coping in the RV? Cozy, I hope!

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