Friday, February 27, 2009

frivolous friday

I'm beginning to feel this way about plumbers. Remember the watery adventure I wrote about a week ago? Well, it continues.

The plumbers have been here most of the week, trying this and that, but still finding leaks in the system. Today somehow they managed to break the water line that supplies water to our entire complex. I was away, but hubby said it was Saturday morning all over again (except this time it didn't flood our house's innards).

I arrived home at 3:00 to find the pumper truck all but blocking the road. It sits right beside our unit, pumping groundwater ...

out of this hole in the side yard where the plumbers are trying to repair the damage.

UPDATE - Saturday, February 28, a.m.

The plumbers worked into the evening. They finally got the water turned back on about 9 p.m. - just after E. slipped out to buy 2 jugs of water (Oh us of little faith!). Kudos to that hard-working crew!!


Lilly Jones said...

Dear Violet,

Sorry to hear that its still not over. Gosh, I know what it feels like to be invaded by workers for so long. I pray it all gets fixed real soon.


violet said...

Thanks, Lilly! I just hope they find the problem - and soon. It's easy to take plumbing and water for granted - until it breaks. It'll teach me to count my blessings :)

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