Monday, February 09, 2009

weekend treats

We've just had a totally fine weekend spent with family from far away. They have been easing out of their jet lag between Hawaii and Thunder Bay, Ontario by spending Friday night to Sunday with us.

Look where we walked on Saturday -- Derby's Reach and the Fort to Fort Trail.

Today we met more of their family in Chilliwack (a young couple whose first babe is due in about 10 days) and did a short walk through the woods to Bridal Falls.

Dan (of the Chilliwack relatives) introduced us to a great new song. It's called "Where the People Walked Backward" by Allen Levi (rootsy - similar to Bebo Norman; actually he has recorded with BN). It's a song that Andrew Peterson said was his kids' favorite from his ipod whenever they traveled somewhere. Allen Levi calls it his "gas station parable." (It reminds me of the Max Lucado children's story about the people with the spots.) Click on over and listen to it. You'll love it. Go. Now.


Eags said...

beautiful shots indeed!

violet said...

Thank you so much Eags. And I notice you have listed yourself as a 'follower.' I am honored indeed!

Lilly Jones said...

The photos are lovely and remind me so much of God's awesome creation. Nature is breathtaking and your photos bring to mind the words of Job 38-39, one of my favorite scriptures for sure.


violet said...

Lily, thank you so much! And for signing up as a follower too. I feel highly honored. I hope you always feel blessed here!

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