Sunday, March 15, 2009

my weekend

It's the end of another weekend and I feel sad. I love weekends. But there's no getting around the fact that time moves on and since last week was pretty much a write-off for getting stuff done (the Brier was on - three games a day Monday to Thursday, finals Friday, Saturday and today - amazing curling!) I must psych myself up to get down to business first thing tomorrow morning.

Today was our pastor's 50th birthday. In church this a.m. they showed a little retrospective video with shots of him throughout the years - very cute. Then he sat down at the piano and led us in a singalong of some of the songs that have characterized his time here.

Our church has had some close brushes with full-fledged revival (e.g. 300 attending 5:00 a.m. prayer meetings for a while). Of course music is always a part in these "moves of God." We all sang William Booth's "Send the Fire" (YouTube below; one of the songs I remember from when we began attending). What a rouser - and it fits right in with my 'fire' quote from this morning - only this is good fire.

Then several of the pastors came up with his birthday gift. It was a sports jacket made by one of the ladies of the church out of the bright orange upholstery fabric salvaged from the old pews (taken out and replaced with theatre seating last year). Wouldn't you know, this is the Sunday I neglected to bring my camera or I'd have a photo.

After church we went for our usual walk, got drenched in the rain, stopped for lunch at Choo-Choos and watched as the rain turned to snow. Fortunately by the time we were ready to walk home the serious snowing had stopped.

The electricity went out for a while this afternoon, but it came on again after about an hour and a half -- in time for us to watch most of the Brier final which was a lopsided affair with Alberta easily winning over Manitoba.

But, as I said, the weekend is almost over. So, V, repeat 100 times: I will work hard next week. I will work hard next week. I will work hard next week....

(If you decide to listen to the YouTube, turn off the music player by clicking on the II, top right sidebar).

Send the Fire
( Zach Cherian and the Praise Team - I think it's John Hagee's church)

by William Booth

O God of burning, cleansing flame, Send the fire
Your blood - bought gift today we claim, Send the fire today

God of Elijah, hear our cry, Send the fire
And make us fit to live or die, send the fire today

To burn up every trace of sin, to bring the light and glory in
The revolution now begins, Send the fire today

It's fire we want, for fire we plead, Send the fire
The fire will meet our every need, Send the fire today

Give us strength to always do what's right,
And grace to conquer in the fight
for power to walk this world in white, Send the fire today

Look down and see this waiting host
And send the promised Holy Ghost
We need another Pentecost, Send the fire today


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