Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Holy Week - Wednesday

How can she show Jesus the extent of her love? She imagines the greatest extravagance. She could pour her most costly treasure over Him - the vial of perfumed oil that cost a year's wages. And then she actually does it. Jesus, moved by her gesture, prophecies the meaning of her act. She is anointing His body for burial but beforehand, when He can still appreciate it.

He is fed up. How can a potential king have so little money sense? Jesus' affirming of the woman's wastefulness is the final straw. He goes to the priests and scribes - who just happen to be on his wavelength. Plus they pay good money. He puts in motion the last events of Jesus' life by agreeing to betray Him.

Two people acting out of the consistency of their hearts with very different outcomes.

What is my heart? Do my actions build up God's kingdom, like the woman's did, or work against it, like Judas's? I need to remember, their actions didn't come out of a vacuum but were logical next steps of consistent lives that were already pointing in a direction. In what direction is my life pointing?

Lord, show me the attitude of my heart. May it be toward You.


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