Wednesday, April 15, 2009

River of Words release

Though I was the featured reader at our MSA Poets Potpourri Society Blue Moon Readings series last night, there was a guest that everyone was anticipating far more. It's our society's new collaborative effort, River of Words, hot off the press. We had its soft release (apparently a bigger bash is planned later) last night, complete with a group photo and cake. (Our oldest member is Thurlow Gowan, second from left. He's 95 years old and still writing strong!)

The book is beautiful! Our president Rita, editor Alvin, photographer Brayden and everyone involved did a fabulous job. Here it is - featuring Rita's photo "Sunset on the Fraser" on the front cover...

and opened up, it becomes a panorama shot.

The inside of the front cover (which, as you see, features a bookmark flap) is Brayden's photo of "The Fraser from Mount Cheam."

The back cover is Brayden's "Fraser at Alexandria Bridge."

And that's not all. Every fourth page contains a different river scene background. Here's one of those with my poem "Summer Serenade."

The book features poems of the members of the MSA Poets Potpourri Society as well as adult and junior contest winners.

These books are for sale:

  • pre-official launch $16.00 per copy plus the cost of mailing (about $5.00 I think).
  • Later the price increases to $20.00 (plus mailing).

If you're interested in purchasing one, email me.


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