Tuesday, May 12, 2009

election day in b.c.

Wednesday update:

It's the day after and after the dust has settled, the Liberals have won another majority.

The STV vote was soundly defeated and will now slink away, tail between its legs, we hope. (There may need to be other ways of counting and processing votes so everyone gets the sense theirs counts, but this slice and dice system is not it!)


I'm just back from voting in today's B.C. provincial election.

This is our first provincial election since they passed the law fixing the election dates. This election date was determined years ago, so there has been no finagling here over the date of the vote because of bad poll results or the ups or downs in the economy.

We also marked a ballot for or against the STV (Single Transferable Vote), a complicated voting system that you pretty much need a degree in math to understand and a computer to calculate.

So I know what I'll be doing tonight -- following a different sport than hockey (Canucks - sob) as we watch election results come in.


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