Friday, May 29, 2009

frivolous friday - Moleskine edition

Moleskine sketchbooks - part of Moleskine's Detour exhibition. Here are three beauties:

Nose Moleskine

Alphabet Moleskine

Art Moleskine

Hat-tip: Twitter tips from children's writer/illustrator Carin Berger


Lynda S. said...

These are great—I especially love the first one.

violet said...

Aren't they fun! Makes me want to rush out to buy a moleskine sketchbook. But I won't - that poor book would be so shortchanged, filled with my pathetic art.

Slow'n'Steady said...

"my pathetic art"

Don't censor yourself before you start. Open yourself up to trying things in which you have not yet attained competence. If we can do it in our own strength and ability, what need have we for a Creator's inspiration?

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