Saturday, May 16, 2009

new kidlit blog

UPDATE - Monday, May 18.

Though the Book Brew blog below is only one week old, I've already moved it.

I was feeling very out of my element in WordPress (though it's an excellent blogging platform with some nice features). So I've moved Book Brew to blogger. You can now find it here.


I've gone and done something I never thought I'd do - started yet another blog! Am I crazy or what?! It's all Twitter's fault. Here's how it came about:

1. As I said, I joined Twitter a few weeks ago.

2. In my search to find kindred spirits to follow, last Friday I discovered a slew of people who write for children on one of those twitter directories.

3. I signed up to follow @susanwrites.

4. One of her first tweets was the children’s writers’ Poetry Friday roundup here.

5. This brought me face to face with the KidLitosphere – kids’ writers and book lovers galore, bound together by the love of children’s literature. One of the main things they do is review children’s books.

6. Besides Poetry Friday, they also have a weekly blog roundup called Nonfiction Monday.

7. My first thought: I want to play too!

And so I began my Book Brew blog, because in order to participate, you have to have a blog that’s devoted to books for young adults and children. And I’m so fine with that

Now I’ll have a place to post only about children’s writing! Whoo hoo!!


Lynda S. said...

I did the same thing, Violet—started another blog, but I'm not sure mine will be as productive as yours (hehehehe). Anyway, what can I say? I haven't gotten hooked on Twitter yet—resisting, resisting. Blessings on you and may the kids be blessed through you.

Islandsparrow said...

Well I shall have to check that out!

Love your header Violet!

violet said...

Thank you, Lynda and Kathy! About the header, I took the photo on our walk on Saturday. It is such a pretty time of year here!

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