Wednesday, May 06, 2009

catching up

Well, I've taken a week off from serious work - most of it intentional, the last 24 hours not so much.

We went away on the weekend, first to Kelowna to visit E.'s dad, then to Kamloops to see the kids.

What a great time with these three. Munchkin is getting so big - a bona fide toddler, only he toddles on his knees. He can walk on his feet around furniture just fine, but when it comes to serious traveling, he prefers his knees, which are actually getting callused.

On the first morning there, after breakfast he made a beeline for his books and was quite happy to cuddle for a few minutes (as long as 14-month-old's attention span lasts) for a story. Then, I followed him upstairs, where we spent about an hour, with him showing me his huge collection of birthday toys (though I had to insist we put away the contents of one drawer before emptying another). Kids these days sure don't lack for stimuli.

Back home on Monday, I prepared for my Enhanced Drivers License appointment on Tuesday and generally got caught up from being away. However, I woke yesterday with the mother of all headaches - the kind which confines me to couch or bed with a bucket close at hand...nasty nasty day. I was forced to cancel my license appointment at ICBC.

It's hard to understand the purpose of such a day, though I did get to watch a potentially life-changing 100 Huntley Street. Moira Brown interviewed Carole Lewis who told of God's dealings with her in the past few years. It was inspirational, especially the challenge God gave her one morning: "Give me your life for a year and see what I will do."

(Ironically, the program is dated April 28th, though it aired May 5th, and I've just spent a good half hour trying to find it because I never caught the woman's name. I found it by googling 'Christian diet books').

Part 1

Part 2


Julana said...

He's a cutie. :-)

Sorry about your headache. I get those, too.

violet said...

Thanks, Julana - we sure like him! :)

Sorry to hear about the headaches for you too. So nasty!!

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