Thursday, July 09, 2009


Anniversary roses

We were recently in Toronto taking a little holiday. Part of that time I left hubby to fend for himself while I went off to a writer's conference. Our wedding anniversary fell on one of the days I was away.

When I got back, a dozen roses were waiting for me on the table in our motel room. An ice bucket makes a great vase!


Thursday Challenge

Next week: POWER (Strength, Engines, Vehicles, Electricity, Power Plant, Electronics, Batteries, Wires,...)


MsRay said...

Belated Happy anniversary! You're lucky to have a thoughtful husband.

Melissa B. said...

Such a delicate photo, with such power at the same time. You'll always get a great capture with roses, huh? Thanks for changing things up...I've been seeing a lot of the 4th and fireworks today!

violet said...

Thank you Ms Ray and Melissa.

Yes, my hubby is the best!!

Melissa, I know what you mean about fireworks... saw a lot when I was checking a few links. And I love photographing roses - very photgenic flower :)

Julana said...

Happy Anniversary!

violet said...

Thank you, Julana!! :)

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