Tuesday, July 21, 2009

this and that

I've spent since Sunday afternoon rattling around in the house by myself. E. went with a friend to Fort St. John to finish up a move. It's been pretty quiet, as I've been busy tying up loose writing ends in preparation for family coming to visit next week, and more holidaying after that.

But I do get out at least once each day. I always carry the camera on my morning walks, which I take early to avoid the heat. Here are some captures from the last few days...

Rabbits - I see them practically every day. Doesn't this one resemble one of those intellectual snobs from Watership Down?

Mother sure has those ducklings well trained!

On Monday I wandered into a new part of town and came across this wooden sculpture. It's another (by Pete Ryan I'm sure, though I could find no plaque) in the series that are all around town. The old car is a pretty good icon - considering the annual antique car show, for which Langley is famous.

And then there's the catch from today's walk. This squirrel blends so nicely with the tree, he could be a sculpture too, for all I know!

For something more substantial, I also blogged "Aging: the silver lining" at The Word Guild blog today.

(psst - loving my new keyboard - a skinny Mac that makes almost no noise at all. Also have a new mouse as my scroll ball one stopped scrolling months ago, and yesterday I saw it had worn through where the tail attaches to the body. The new cheap Logitech is working just great - the scroll wheel even works; who cares that it doesn't go from side to side!)


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