Monday, August 24, 2009

rare visit with the Africa crowd

We had a visit with our nephew Chris, his wife Jane and their five sons on Saturday. Chris and Jane are in Canada on a short furlough from their work in Uganda. They are missionaries under Equip Canada and in Uganda Chris works on farming projects with several NGOs, including Orphans Know More, Bushfire and Farming God's Way. His website - Sperlings in Africa - explains these projects more fully.

A couple from their church offered Chris and Jane to live in the upstairs of their spacious house. The house comes complete with a large covered deck right off the kitchen where their active little boys can play ball hockey and generally be boys. In the back yard there's a swimming pool!

Jane grew up in Uganda. She tells interesting (and sad) stories from her childhood and growing up years. Several of her sisters have experienced tragic illnesses and premature deaths in their families. It's the kind of thing one typically hears about Africa - only it hits closer to home when it affects someone you know and love.

They'll be taking a road trip in September, visiting the churches that support them in B.C., Alberta and Saskatchewan. (It will be quite an adventure, traveling all those miles with five little boys!)

Andrew (Chris adopted him when he was a baby)

Kenny (5 or 6)

Albert (4-ish - and looking not very happy. He ended up feeling sick.)

Isaiah (about 3)

Ezra (11 months) and mommy.

(If you think of them, pray that some immigration documents Jane needs are processed in time for them to return to Uganda at the end of October.)


Julana said...

My cousin, Ruby Dunlap, just went to Uganda with her husband and my uncle, on a Fulbright to teach nursing in a Christian college over there.

Cat said...

Violet, would you mind leaving me a note about the Saskatchewan part of their tour? Perhaps we can hop the provincial border and hear about their work.


violet said...

Julana - interesting! I assume it's in the city?

Cat - I'll email you when I know it.

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