Saturday, November 21, 2009

a wordy, wet week

Well, I see I haven't written a proper post for a week. It is as I thought: my NaNo writing project has sapped all my energy. I am presently at 43,708 words - 6292 away from the goal of 50,000. If I reach that goal before the story is completed, I will be writing more than 50,000. But the end is definitely in sight!

Outside we're in the monsoon season. We've had a series of rain and wind storms in the last couple of weeks.

The flooded area above is usually all grass. But on Tuesday (17th) it was a a duck paradise. 

Several rivers in B.C. have flooded their banks, including our little Nicomekl. The paved path beside it was put in by the Rotary Club some years ago (thus we call it Rotary Park), and most days one can follow the river on it from 208th to 200th. Not this week. Here is the view of the path from the 206th St. Bridge. We usually walk UNDER the 206th Street bridge, but haven't been there for a while.

The path on Tuesday

The path on Thursday.  As you can see, the water has subsided quite a lot.


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