Tuesday, December 29, 2009

christmas 2009

Christmas is over again. How did that happen so fast?

Was yours good? Ours was FABULOUS!!

The weather was clear, roads were good and our whole family was here from Christmas Eve till the 27th.

"Whole family" = this family plus Benjie, of course!

The Christmas turkey turned out great in the new Turkey Roaster (nice - because it leaves the stove oven free for other jobs). We made serious work of my Christmas baking stash (whew! - wouldn't want much of that left past New Years and the annual Resolutions). Only gravel in the boot was that hubby came down with the flu on Sunday. He never gets sick so this must be quite the bug. I haven't caught it yet - hopefully won't ever.

Of course the babies were the stars of the show.

Here is little David (born mid-September 09).

... showing some of Sonia's pensive here.

He has this soft cloud of hair on top of his head which makes him a total delight to snuggle.

Combine that with a happy disposition that's generous with smiles and you'll understand why we found him irresistible. 

Uncle Benjie could sure bring out the grins and chortles!

Liam will be two in March. What a fun age. He took a shine to my music box, which has a little bear that skates on a magnetic pond while the music plays. It was entertainment every time he had his own snack time at the table.

He also loves coloring, cars, animals, helicopters, his talking Handy Manny doll, getting into Mommy's bag (Vaselined hair anyone?) and her suitcase.

On Monday morning when the kids were getting ready to leave, daughter called me upstairs. There was Liam. He had just come from spending a few very quiet moments in the closet and was wearing all her freshly laundered unmentionables around his neck.

And now I have the pleasure of reliving all these moments and many others over and over, courtesy my sweet hubby, who gave me an S-Frame (digital photo frame) for Christmas. Love it!!


Julana said...

I'm glad you had a good Christmas. Your grandsons are so sweet, Vi. You're a blessed grandma.

Violet said...

Thanks Julana! How was your Christmas? And a Happy New Year to you. May 2010 be the best!!

Belinda said...

What a darling, sweet little baby. I could kiss him!

I'm glad you had such wonderful Christmas and hope your hubby feels better soon, poor thing.

violet said...

Thank you Belinda - behalf of hubby too; he's feeling much better already! And be assured, baby gets lots of kisses!

The Sheepcat said...

What sweet kids! Beautiful.

violet said...

Thanks, Sheepcat! (Of course we think so too ;)

Julana said...

I actually had a migraine over Christmas, and am so happy it ended. :-) Thank you for the good wishes for the new year. I send them to you, too.

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