Thursday, April 01, 2010


"The Hulks" - recycling on a grand scale

According to the tourist sign:
"'The Hulks,' Powell River's floating breakwater of ships have been part of the waterfront since 1930. Over the years, 10 ships built of wood, and reinforced concrete have been brought to Powell River for use in the breakwater. The concrete ships that made up the breakwater were built for use in the First and Second World Wars.

Concrete ships were built when there was a shortage of plate steel for ship construction. They were found to be too heavy in relation to their cargo-carrying capacity to compete with steel cargo vessels during peacetime."

More "environment" photos: Thursday Challenge

Next week: SMALL ANIMALS (Pets, Insects, Birds,...)


Gattina said...

Very interesting !

Myfanwy said...

There is something very sad about rusting hulks - whatever the size. I often wonder what the impact on the environment is in reality.

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