Monday, July 12, 2010

promtpings 1000 gifts (#5-12)

I thought the hanging basket looked a little droopy one evening last week in the middle of our heat wave. I left it till the next morning when, in the full light of day I saw my glorious impatiens was definitely in distress.  All it took, though, was water and a little time to get it back to normal. Which got me thinking about water. What an amazing substance!

- Not only does it revive plants, but it revives us — in its pure form or as part of another beverage. (Gift 5: water the sustainer of life)

- We can add it to food during cooking to make things the right consistency, blend flavours, keep the food tender and from getting too dry. (Gift 6: Water: to the cook's rescue!)

- It's a versatile cleanser. (Gift 7: Water: to clean up the mess).

- Large bodies of it are a necessary part of our planet's weather. (Gift 8: Water: in the form of clouds, rain, the genesis of wind, storms)

- We can have a lot of fun in and with it: swimming, boating, skating, in a sauna (if you're a steam bath kind of person) etc. (Gift 9: Water: great for recreation)

- The sound of running water adds to the ambience of a park or home (I'd like a 'water feature' in my back yard-- wouldn't you?). (Gift 10: Water: the aesthetic of its music)

That just begins to touch on the importance of water, which, in my home I can get from eight locations at the touch of a lever or knob. It's clean water that's safe, healthy,  and tasty. On top of that, it's soft — not the kind that leaves a rusty stain in the toilet or sink. (Gift 11: Water: so readily available to me).

Today I'm counting water as my gifts 5 to 11. Oh yes, and there's one more that just occurred to me. Without water, we wouldn't have rainbows! (Gift 12)

If you'd like to climb on the One Thousand Gifts wagon, please do. Some post their gifts on blogs, while others list them in private journals. Instructions on how to join are here

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Annesta said...

I join you in gratitude for water and for the abundance of it in our lives as many do not have this luxury.

violet said...

Thank you, Annesta! We are so blessed to have this necessary thing at our fingertips, literally. Many don't!

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