Saturday, September 04, 2010

has he learned anything?

It's just a year since our son had his fall from a roof. Today's Vancouver Sun has a short feature on him in the "life" section: Ben Nesdoly

He happened to spend last night here, so we read the piece together online this morning. He needed to do a little explaining when it came to this section:

"And yes, he can still be found swinging a hammer on Metro Vancouver rooftops, still not harnessed in unless certain death awaits at the bottom -- something he feels he can gauge pretty well after seven years in the business..."


He assures us he does wear fall protection (and that he asked the reporter to change the wording; it didn't get changed).

Let's hope so! We're so grateful for his good recovery and sure don't want to live through something like that again anytime soon.


Janet Sketchley said...

Glad he's still with you, Violet! (And I'd have asked about that wording too!)

Vicki said...

So thankful for Ben's good recovery!!

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