Monday, November 15, 2010

my placid life (#156-163 of 1000 gifts)

Things seem to be piling up in my life. It's one of those seasons when all the things I'm involved in seem to come due at once. I was feeling a little overwhelmed until, on Saturday, I met the woman who is leaving today to visit her son in Uganda and has agreed to take some documents to my nephew's family, thus we drove them over.

She was in the middle of packing, still had a couple of papers to finish for a course she was taking at her church, and had had to take charge at a church woman's event when the speaker failed to show the night before. She and her husband are responsible for their church's Christmas shoeboxes, so donations and unassembled boxes were in piles near the door. She was making plans for people to look in on her husband while she was away as he recently had a heart attack. One of her daughters was in labour as we met Saturday morning. And in everyday life when she's not traveling, she works full-time. By comparison, my situation is a placid bore, and I love it! That's my #156 of 1000 gifts this week.

157. My son took me out for a date last week. We grabbed a coffee at Wendell's, went for a walk along the river and then browsed a Fort Langley antique shop. Sweet!

Those were different times!

158. Meeting with old friends. On Thursday was the funeral of a friend from our former church. It was quite overwhelmingly wonderful to see so many old friends and connect again over those few hours.

159. My bic pens. They're cheap and reliable and I love it that they run out! Indeed, it gives me a good feeling to actually throw a used-up pen in the garbage because I've written out all the ink. (I'm hopelessly old fashioned, but with some kinds of writing I have to do the first drafts by hand before I enlist the computer.)

160. Naps. Short midday naps are highly underrated and grossly under-used.

161. The fireplace. Ours is gas, but it still creates a cozy ambiance.

162. Quesadillas at a local eatery. The Chicken Q's on Saturday at ABC were particularly tasty!

163. This song by Andrew Peterson. Awww...

Hat-tip: Sonia (thanks!)

If you'd like to join me and many others collecting One Thousand Gifts, please do. Some members of this gratefulness community post their gifts on blogs, while others list them in private journals. Instructions on how to join are here

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Annesta said...

I have to agree with you...I have nothing going on in my life compared to your friend mentioned in #156!
I join you in gratitude for our adult children who desire to spend time with us.
grace and peace to you

Seedplanter Designs said...

Hi Violet! (Bonnie here...)
I LOVE your idea of 1,000 postings of gratitude. Makes me want to do the same. Might have to think about that.

Hope you're well. Loved the pic of your son and you. Sweet.

violet said...

Thank you, Annesta and Bonnie!

Annesta - yes, love it that my boy wanted to take mom on a date - so honored!

Bonnie - Hi! I wish the 1000 gifts were my idea. It's Ann Voskamp's. In fact she's spun it into a book. The gratitude community is huge and you'd fit right in with your eye for small blessings! So nice to hear from you!

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