Monday, January 17, 2011

highways and byways (#258 − 267 of 1000 gifts)

My tally of everyday gifts continues...

258. Waking up to a snowy wonderland.

259. Someone special resolves to quite smoking.

260. Bananas and yogurt sweetened with jam.

261. A ray of insight on a project.

262. A witty letter from a friend.

263. Realized again how much I'm loving my now almost-five-year-old digital camera —the best birthday present ever!

264. A belated Christmas present (my Kindle e-reader) arrived just before our weekend travels.

265. Road adventures. It seems we had hardly unpacked from our Christmas travels when it was time to go again. On Friday we planned to drive the familiar route to Kelowna (Hwys 1 to 5 to 97C) in order to attend aunty's funeral on Saturday.

Friday turned out to be a horrible day for highway driving. A rock slide closed the #1 to eastbound traffic between Chilliwack and Hope for most of the day. We took a detour to Hope and after lunch there I happened to see, on our way out of town, the sign saying the #5 was closed. Good thing I noticed, because there were no other signs or barriers across the road till we left it at the Hope Princeton Highway junction to detour past the closure.

At Princeton we took the new-to-us Highway 3A to Aspen Grove (and back to 97C). We passed a couple of groups of ice fishers on the lake, motored through rolling ranch country, wound down valleys and up pine-treed hills. All in all it turned out to be a very scenic road, in great condition (even greater when it stopped raining) with logging trucks our main company. Our detour turned out to be another gift.

Ice Fishers

You never know what's around the bend!

266. Heard this beautiful song at aunty's funeral:

267. We're back home since yesterday with almost 1000 km. traveled. So thankful for safe travels.

 The town of Merritt seen in the distance from Hwy 5.

Merritt in the Nicola Valley

If you'd like to join me and many others collecting One Thousand Gifts, please do. Some members of this gratefulness community post their gifts on blogs, while others list them in private journals. Instructions on how to join are here.

Ann's book One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are is releasing in hardback soon (tomorrow, in fact). But you can get the Kindle version  now!

Here is the book trailer. I bet you won't be able to watch it without shedding a tear!

Violet Nesdoly / poems
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Nina said...

Scary-looking driving conditions--glad you made it home safely!

Hope you have a lovely week!

Yolanda said...

I loved your list . I hope you stay safe and have a wonderful week.

Julana said...

I did shed a tear watching it this a.m. I downloaded it last weekend. Still reading. She has something to say that our grandmothers knew without being told. I think her relative isolation, in such a naural setting, makes her still able to articulate it--before it's gone.

violet said...

Thanks so much, Nina, Yolanda and Julana.

Are you enjoying the book, Julana? You're right about the pastoral lifestyle. It seems to tend towards wisdom...

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