Saturday, February 12, 2011

want to read a good story?

"I used to have this image of my family that just wasn't tied to reality. I thought we had it all put together very nicely," writes Gordon Atkinson, a writer for The High Calling organization.  

"We communicated well, loved each other, and generally did things the right way. But cracks had been appearing in that image for some time. My depression a few years back. My daughter Shelby’s own bouts with depression and her struggles with school and friends. But still, no big issues. On the whole I thought we were doing pretty well.

"Then I got a call from my wife on the first Monday night in April. I was with some friends of mine who gather once a month for beer, pizza, and long conversations. 
'You need to come home right away. I think Shelby might be pregnant.'"

So begins Part 1 of "Through Pain and Grace Toward Redemption" — a riveting true story of how the Atkinson family weathered a storm, the likes of which regularly shipwreck families and marriages.

The story is in four parts, and you, fortunate reader, can read them in quick succession (and aren't forced to wait a week in between installments, like I was).

Part 1   
Part 2  
Part 3 
Part 4

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