Thursday, March 03, 2011


Leaping Lion hood ornament 

(from, I believe, an early 50s Monarch. And no I didn't just know that; I had to look it up)


Next Week: MANY (Candies, Crowd, Paperclips, Coins, Collections,...)

Violet Nesdoly / poems
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♫ Melody ♫ said...

Wow.... looks very classy

Nice picture!

Peter Black said...

For me, this close-up spot provokes a virtual sensate feeling:

The picture of the leaping auto hood ornament
of a gleaming, leaping lion
ensconced on the luxurious flowing lines
of a classic automobile --
the product of a truly artistic mind
and the labour of an artisan's hands --
provides a luscious feast for the eyes!

Ahem ... that's my long-winded "Wow!" ;)

violet said...

Thanks so much, Melody and Peter.

Peter, I think they toy with us when they design those hood ornaments - trying to push all the right buttons.

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