Friday, May 13, 2011

promptings potpourri (May 1-14)

Years ago I had a regular blog feature called 'promptings potpourri' where I linked to interesting stuff I found online. I've decided to revive that feature. I don't know how regular it will be but we'll say once or twice a month to be safe. So let's begin...

  • Think language doesn't matter? Well, think again. An article called "Animal ethicists call for new terminology" begins:
"Animal ethicists are calling for a new vocabulary about animals, shunning words such as 'pets,' 'wildlife,' and 'vermin' as derogatory and even suggesting 'animal' is a 'term of abuse.'” Read entire...
(We knew something was up when, in recent reports about the investigation of the dog kill at the sled dog company property near Whistler, reporters kept referring to the animal carcasses as "bodies.")

  • Another take on language is this video about the Turbo Encabulator, something that apparently first appeared in 1942 and garnered responses like:
"My husband says it sounds like a new motor; I say it sounds like a dictionary that has been struck by lightning."
The text in the email that accompanied this video says: "...this is strictly off the cuff,  nothing is written down.  Nothing he says is true.  He had  NO  script!  This was a rehearsal for camera,  lighting and stage crew.  It's all total meaningless drivel made up as he goes along.

Understanding The Turbo Encabulator - Watch more Funny Videos

  • Have you been following the incredible story of Penticton native Rita Chretien's survival and rescue? This 56-year-old lived for seven weeks on just snow water, trail mix, a candy a day and faith ("Rita told him she read the Bible everyday, read other books she had a couple times over, took walks, kept a journal of her days and rested" after their van got stuck in the back country of Nevada. Read the account of her rescue.
  • On Thursday our community memorialized another needless fatality of drunk driving. The service for 22-year-old Kassandra Kaulius was held at our church and I helped with the memorial tea. (I've never seen the gym so full — must have been over 1000 people!)

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