Monday, October 31, 2011

october - where did you go? (#740-748 of 1000 gifts)

"Arrange whatever pieces come your way."  Virginia Woolf

"How you live your life is also art."  Feodor Dostoevsky

It's hard to believe today is already the last day of was just summer! But pictures of the snowstorm on the east side of the continent assure us there's no turning back. I remind myself not to feel smug. In a few weeks that will probably be us making snow angels and shoveling the driveway.

Until then, I'm quite content to enjoy the pleasures of fall such as it is. Here are some of the gifts I've enjoyed in the past week:

740. Misty morning walks.

741. When the battery light started coming on in the car during drives I must admit I was nervous. Last week it came on during my drive to and from Vancouver, and again to and from Surrey. During that last one, it stayed on about half of the way there and all the way back home. I still made it with no sinister car symptoms. Now our car has a new alternator—and that nagging little dash icon hasn't made an appearance since. So thankful it all worked out.

742. Orange everywhere.

743. A fun World Series, especially game 6.

744. We're already halfway through our semester of Women By Design, and I think I'm beginning to get my teaching legs.

745. Juniper berries.

746. A beautiful Saturday afternoon to put my garden to bed.

747. Boulevard trees in flame.

748. Passages like James 1:5-8 that assure me of wisdom when I need it, which is right about now.


If you'd like to join me and many others collecting One Thousand Gifts, please do. Some members of this gratefulness community post their gifts on blogs, while others list them in private journals. Instructions on how to join are here.

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Deborah Carr said...

Spectacular trees...I love how just one in the crimson row has dressed differently. :-)

violet said...

Thank you Deborah! Yes, there's always one holdout in the crowd, isn't there?

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