Wednesday, November 16, 2011


Art on the wall of the Sylvia Hotel


How is this photo related to a book, you ask? Well, it's a reproduction of one of the illustrations from the book Mr. Got to Go: The Cat that wouldn't leave by Lois Simmie, Illustrated by Cynthia Nugent

Mr. Got to Go is a charming children's story about a stray cat that wandered into the Sylvia Hotel in Vancouver's West End.

We had lunch in the Sylvia Hotel on Monday and enjoyed the old-fashioned ambiance which included more illustrations from the book as well as an actual photo of the real stray cat, Got to Go.

Thursday Challenge

Next Week: SOFT (Pillow, Blanket, Feather, Animals, Clothes,...)

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Suzy said...

Loved your post. Nice story to go with the book.

violet said...

Thank you, Suzy!

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