Monday, June 25, 2012

june treats (1016 to 1023 of unending gifts)

"Flowers ... have a mysterious and subtle influence upon the feelings, not unlike some strains of music. They relax the tenseness of the mind. They dissolve its rigor."-Henry Ward Beecher
My list of unending gifts continues...

1016. On the 19th we celebrated our 31st anniversary. We've come a long way baby! The photo is of us on our wedding day (top), and us earlier this spring (bottom), against a background of the anniversary roses I got from my sweetheart.


1018. I am so enjoying my hanging baskets. I think our cool weather is agreeing with them. Here's a little comparison: what they looked like when I first put them up on May 8th and now.

1019. My yellow lily bloomed! It's my Mother's Day gift from son last year. I love it when gifts keep giving.

1020. I found out the name of the trees that grow along the path behind our house. They're Hornbeam trees.

1021. It's strawberry season. We bought a flat from Driediger Farms. They are some of the juiciest berries I've ever had—such a treat. For a potluck tonight I'm making Strawberry Trifle (I'm trying out this recipe).

1022. Scenes from the mighty Fraser flood of 2012. Yesterday we went to check out one of our favorite trails—the Fort to Fort from the Heritage House to Derby Reach. Here's E. on the path. Any more rise in water level and that path will be gone. The last little bit of the path into Derby Reach is under water.

But that's nothing compared to the campsite. Here we are at the picnic area.

And this is the campsite. Each pole designates a camp spot.

1023. And this is my 2000th blog post. That is another reason for thankfulness!

Now to tackle the last week of June! What are you up to this week? And where is the time racing to? 

This post is linked to the "Multitudes on Mondays" meme at  A Holy Experience.

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Linda at teacherdance said...

Happy anniversary-great photos all the way through, Violet, but I'm sorry for your flood. We could use a lot of that water down here in Colorado. There are now 14 fires going throughout the state! And, congratulations on your 2000th post. Wow! I was happy to celebrate my 200th a while ago. You must be so pleased to have captured so much good living in your posts.

violet said...

Why thank you, Linda! About our flood, we're personally not affected at all. But others are, with people being evacuated from homes, mud slides and all kinds of havoc. It's amazing to see the height of water, keeping in mind how things usually look!

We often have a forest fire risk too in the heat of summer, so I know about that. So devastating. Hope you're keeping safe.

About the 2000th post--I suddenly saw that number approaching in my dashboard, after blogger went to the new platform I think. I haven't paid much attention to number of posts. However, I guess since I've been blogging since the fall of 2004 it's not surprising the numbers add up.

CallingForth said...

Love your photos Violet - beautiful flowers and interesting to see how the flood we have been hearing about has affected the places you love to walk through. Congratulations on your anniversary - even though it was awhile back it seems so recent - I can still vividly remember sitting in your living room not long after your wedding when you hosted a shower for us. May God bless you and keep you...

violet said...

CF - So glad you like the photos. My camera is my ever-present buddy. Thanks for the anniversary congrats. I think I may have photos of that shower in an old book! Next time you come down, I'll have to dig out some memorabilia.

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