Wednesday, September 26, 2012


  Semiahmoo Sky Garden (Semiahmoo Library green wall)

We were driving down 152nd Street in South Surrey on Sunday, had stopped at a light and I happened to look over and see this amazing wall! Fortunately my camera was within reach! A little searching online helped me find out that I was looking at the Semiahmoo Sky Garden, a vertical garden that covers one wall of the Semiahmoo Library .


A few facts about the wall from the Semiahmoo Library green wall information page.

1. It's the largest outdoor green wall of its kind in North America.

2. Designed by Vancouver-based Green over Grey—Living Walls and Design.

3. Is nearly 3000 square feet in size.

4. Consists of 10,000 plants and 120 different species.

5. Wall was completed in October 2010 ("...features many bushes and trees so each year it becomes more and more 3D!")

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Belinda said...

That is too cool for words. The difference from the gray wall "before" to now, is stunning. I love it.

violet said...

Thanks Belinda! You can imagine my surprise when I noticed this just across the street from where we were stopped. Was I seeing things?! These kinds of walls fascinate me.

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