Thursday, September 06, 2012

island adventure 4 - Ruckle Park beach hikes

It's a short drive from the Ruckle Farm to the Ruckle Provincial Park picnic area and trailhead.

On this beautiful sunny day we bear right, taking the path to Beaver Point (named after the Hudson's Bay Company paddle steamer Beaver, the first steam boat on the B.C. coast).

Here are some scenes from that walk.

Twice more we drive to Ruckle Park to do more hiking during our seven-day stay on the island.

The path to the left is more rugged but very rewarding, as it hugs the coast and we pass beach after beach and vista after vista.

We  come to a beach full of inukshuks. Someone spent a lot of time here!

The last time we hike the path, the day before we leave, we take our lunch, prepared for a long day but still don't make it to Yeo Point, the end of the marked path.  It's just too rugged for us oldies!

 On the way back, we take our time, basking in the sun on the beaches that we can clamber down to.

And we're back at the picnic area. I get E. to take my photo with my trusty walking stick before I toss it away for the next hiker.

Violet Nesdoly / poems

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Mary Waind said...

Beautiful, Violet! Thank you for sharing nature, history and whimsy - loved "Knotty Threads".

violet said...

Thanks Mary! It's fun reliving it.

Linda at teacherdance said...

I love the idea of 'inukshuks', looked them up to learn all about them. I think I will build one. I have lots of rocks about... They are similar, yet seem to have more spiritual meaning than our 'cairns' which can be different sizes, but mostly are trail markers, also in remote areas, like the inukshuks, mean someone was there. I built a few along a stream in the rain forests of Washington State, thinking of my husband & then, 2 grandchildren.

And I love your photos, Violet, especially that one of you leaning back, posed on the rocks. Beautiful! Thanks again for sharing.

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