Tuesday, October 16, 2012

the good old days in murals - part 2

A week ago I posted part 1 of these murals, on display in Sooke, British Columbia. Now, continuing on in our journey to the past (via the Sooke Agricultural Historium, Sponsored by the Sooke Fall Fair Association, created in 2008 by airbrush artist/muralist A.J. [Allan Wesley Johnson]). Descriptions of photos are copied from tags on the mural wall.

Threshing oats on the farm of Ralph Strong on Church Road in 1940.

The cattle farm, at the far end of East Sooke Road, looked across at Whiffen Spit, 1918.

Alexander Gillespie family of Glenairley East Sooke with pigs Biddy and  Isobell in 1918.


George Throup rolling oats with his oxen Plug and Buck on the Throup farm in 1890.  

 William Henry Anderson is plowing on the Malahat Farm in 1914 on one of the first tractors in Sooke.

Marnie Campbell smiles as she tries to milk Daisy at the Davidson farm, in Otter Point in 1947.

Percy Clark and Marjorie after their wedding on their way to their new house at the top of Shirley Hill, 1914.  

The fillers are not to be missed either—little paintings the muralist threw in between the photos:

Rooster and tools

The Sheep Spud


 Cat and milk can

What a wonderful project! Thanks to the folks in Sooke for a heart-warming meander into the past.

Violet Nesdoly / poems
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Linda at teacherdance said...

Amazing, Violet. What a talent to be able to do this in different surfaces, etc.

violet said...

I know, Linda. I wonder how the artist does it! Would love to see someone in action as they work on such a project!

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