Thursday, February 07, 2013

best of 2012

The Thursday Challenge prompt this week is to share a photo or event we liked best in  2012.

I thought immediately of our holiday to Salt Spring and Vancouver Islands in August. That was an exciting time for my camera. Here are some shots that help me relive those magical two weeks.

© 2012 by Violet Nesdoly
Ganges Harbor - Salt Spring Island, B.C. 

© 2012 by Violet Nesdoly
Tasty bread- Salt Spring Island Bread Co.

© 2012 by Violet Nesdoly
 Goat Cheese - Salt Spring Island Cheese Co.

© 2012 by Violet Nesdoly

© 2012 by Violet Nesdoly

Inner Harbor walk - Victoria, B.C.

© 2012 by Violet Nesdoly

 View from the Cow Bay pier, in Cowichan Bay, B.C.

© 2012 by Violet Nesdoly
Rock face at low tide - China Beach, Vancouver Island (between Port Renfrew and Sooke)

© 2012 by Violet Nesdoly
Kinsol Trestle

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Neeraj said...

The Cow Bay pier picture is very good!

Violet N. said...

Thank you Neeraj!

Linda at teacherdance said...

I remember some of these, Violet-such a lovely time!

Violet N. said...

You're right Linda! It's hard to separate favorite photos from the time they represent. It was a dream holiday!

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