Sunday, February 17, 2013

originals at original joe's

Hubby and I experienced a first today. We were the first customers at the new Original Joe's that opened at 12 noon in our neighbourhood.  (They even took our photo.)

The decor is bright and modern with clean lines and rich colors. 

I noticed the feature wall and snapped a picture. The owner came over and explained that the framed photos on it were taken in the community. And so now I'm going to be on the lookout for the where they're from. 

 Hubby ordered the burger, I the quesadilla (chipotle quesadilla with side salad of greens, dried cranberries and almond slices.) Yum!

We decided to go the distance and even have dessert. My tip: leave room for this luscious mud pie (with mocha). Double yum!! 

It's the first Original Joe's we've ever been to and we'll be back!
Violet Nesdoly / poems

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Linda at teacherdance said...

Sounds great, Violet, but your dessert pictures are hard to see!!!

Violet N. said...

We've been too indulgent recently, Linda! Time to push back from the table.

Sonia Spooner said...

We have an new Original Joe's in the loops and it has quickly become quite the hit amongst the locals. Lucky to have one so close to you!

Violet N. said...

You'll have to join us there next time you come down, S.! (We were actually scouting out the place for how it would work with kids. The booth we were in was big but we didn't see any high chairs. They also have a few tables, but it's mostly booths and some high tables.)

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