Thursday, February 24, 2005

christian carnival is up

at Wallo World.

Wallo World’s blog holds a place of high esteem for me and I owe him a debt of gratitude. A few months ago, when the blogosphere was going through yet another session of navel-gazing, Joe at the evangelical outpost featured a series on blogging. In that series he linked to this article by Bill Wallo, from a previous and similar ‘why-am-I-blogging’ -type cycle. When I read these words of Mr. Wallo, something pinged! He articulated exactly why I too was blogging:

As I looked at other blogs and saw the types that were successful, I recognized a couple of things. First that I didn’t have the time to blog like many top bloggers do. Second, that my interests were varied and I wanted to say things about quite a variety of topics. I wanted to do a general blog, not a law blog or a Christian blog or a comics blog, or whatever. I wanted to be able to write about whatever suited my fancy.

So thank you Wallo World (not, of course, that I could write a law or comics blog - but I can do 'whatever')! If I ever rename my blog, I will call it Miss Elaineous (and how fitting–seeing as how Elaine is my real second name!).


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