Tuesday, February 01, 2005

circling the sphere

A variety of subjects and writing styles makes reading blogs always an adventure - sometimes an experience, like dipping into a good book. Three posts lately caught my eye in the experience category:

As someone who has a daughter about the same age, I can sure relate to Debra’s musings in her blog As I See It Now - the post "My Daughter’s Birthday Eve" (have the tissues handy!).

Amanda Witt at Wittingshire gives us a lovely glimpse into her home and her aspirations for it in "Kingdom Come."

Phil at Another Man’s Meat walks us through his Saturday morning in "Ranchers, Rednecks and Rowdies". I guarantee, you’ll be right there with him, musing on the reason for hands - as he and his wife walk hand-in-hand to the local diner - ordering the Saturday special, and stopping for a friendly chat with acquaintances on the way home.

Finally, the February issue of FaithWriters Magazine is out. For my column (The Tree House) this month, I chose a lovely poem, "Heart Pockets," by DeAnna Brooks. If you want to read more of DeAnna’s poetry and reflections, check out her blog WhisperingBrooks.

For my feature article I picked "More Beautiful Than Flowers" - a fiction I wrote a few years back and had published in On The Line. I find writing fiction a huge challenge and this is my most favorite kids' story I’ve ever written.


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