Friday, February 18, 2005

friday pocketful

It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon and I’m going to take a few minutes to dump my pocketful of treasures in here

We kept to our Friday routine thing today and drove out to Abbotsford, stopping at Superstore along the way to pick up groceries for Mom, then detoured to MacDonald’s to pick up three coffees and Fruit ‘n Fiber muffins.

Mom was good. She’s been making more cards. We put away the groceries, then sat around having coffee and chatting. Before we left, I set her hair.

Traffic on the Number 1 coming home was heavy both ways, as it usually is. We decided not to take the time to go into Fort Langley and do the Fort-to-Fort Trail. Instead, we came straight home, had a quick lunch of toasted bagels, cheese and apples, and then drove to Elgin Park for our walk.

Signs of spring are everywhere! The alder twig ends are dripping with chubby rufus-colored catkins-in-the making. Under the old oak tree a patch of snowdrops was in full bloom. Beside the Stewart Farmhouse where we parked, a stand of early daffodils will open probably tomorrow or Sunday. Even the birds sound energized.

Let’s see if I can remember all the birds we saw today:

a kingfisher
a hawk
- green-winged teals
- widgeons
- mallards
- buffleheads
a loon eating a fish

It’s just lovely walking along the banks of the Nicomekl! Today the air was crisp, the breeze fresh, the sky blue, the sun grinning. The day has a just-out-of-school feeling.

Thank You, Lord, for pleasant interludes, for a hubby with whom to enjoy them, for the innocent and un-selfconscious world of nature, for this beautiful spot on earth we call home...

Now for a shot of reality. I must clean my house.


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