Tuesday, October 11, 2005


In the next few weeks I’m taking an e-course on how to write Bible studies - this from someone who has written them and taught many Bible studies for 20+ years.

As part of the ‘lecture’ which precedes the assignment, our teacher has listed some principles on how to study the Bible. In a way I take them as a set of presuppositions. They include things like:
- All Scripture is inspired by God.
- The ability to understand the Bible belongs to anyone who has the Holy Spirit – even a child.
- God talks about Himself in terms that we understand, not necessarily in terms that are literal descriptions of Himself.
- Revelation is progressive (i.e. progressive throughout the Bible)
- Scripture interprets Scripture.
- Any interpretation must be consistent with what the rest of the Bible teaches.
- The meaning of Scripture is unified.

I don’t have a problem with any of the above, as she explains them in her notes. However, I am struggling with this statement:

- There is only one interpretation yet many applications. Each part has one meaning....Some reasons for differing interpretations: person has not done their homework; all people have bias and blind spots; some are strong observers, others are discerning interpreters, some need help with application....

I’d be very interested in getting the reaction of anyone who would care to comment, to the above statement.


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