Monday, November 28, 2005

7 x 7

The lovely Catez at Allthings2all has tagged me to join in on the seven sevens meme. So, here are my seven answers to the seven questions.

I Seven things to do before I die:
1. Write a novel
2. Publish a(nother) book of poems.
3. Travel in Israel
4. Go across Canada (with hubby) and visit all the provinces and territories we haven’t yet been to.
5. Live beside water (preferably the ocean).
6. Go on a missions trip.
7. Vacation in Hawaii.

II Seven things I cannot do:
1. Water ski
2. Snowboard and downhill ski.
3. Climb mountains (especially when it involves ropes, harnesses, rock screws or ice picks, crampons etc.)
4. Handle heights especially when on a ladder.
5. Cross streams on narrow things like logs.
6. Watch scary movies.

III Seven things that attract me to [my spouse or significant other or best friend]:
1. His sense of humor - we laugh a lot.
2. His integrity.
3. His loyalty, to friends, family, church leadership.
4. His generosity, especially when it’s expressed in lines like: "Want to eat out?"
5. The fact that he is not bound or limited by traditional gender responsibilities (e.g. since he’s retired and I’m not, he does the laundry and most of the cooking!).
6. He doesn’t try to control me.
7. He puts God first.

IV Seven things I say (or write) most often:
1. basically
2. yikes
3. hmmm
4. indeed
5. alas that vein ... that department ...

V Seven books or series I love:
1. The Mark of the Lion historical fiction series by Francine Rivers - the best historical Christian fiction I’ve ever read.
2. Levi’s Will - by Dale Cramer. Well-written story, straight from the heart.
3. Rebecca by Daphne DuMaurier. Wonderful suspenseful storytelling.
4. My Friend Flicka - by Mary O’Hara. I loved this book as a kid. When I read it again a few years ago, I liked it even more, because as a parent, I now saw how wise it was.
5. Christ’s Witchdoctor - by Homer Dowdy. Some of the best creative nonfiction I’ve ever read. Read an excerpt here.
6. The Book of Small by Emily Carr. Not only is Carr a renowned painter. She’s also a fine writer.
7. Hateship, Courtship, Friendship, Loveship, Marriage by Alice Munro - or any short story collection by Alice Munro. I read her not because I agree with her worldview but for the writing.

VI Seven movies I watch over and over again (or would watch over and over if I had the time).
(Warning - this list is pretty pathetic. I’m not into movies much)
1. My Fair Lady
2. Fiddler on the Roof
3. Dr. Zhivago
4. Sleepless in Seattle
5. Mr. Holland’s Opus
6. Mrs. Doubtfire
7. The Forsyte Saga (I’m not sure this is a movie - I saw it as a TV series).

VII Seven people I would invite to join in too:
If you’re reading this and would like to be part of this meme - consider yourself invited (let me know and I'll link you on the list)!


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